treatment and rehabilitation services:

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Expert reportsServices.html

Treatment services available:

• Neuropsychological rehabilitation

• Adjustment to disability

  1. Psychological effects of accidents and trauma

  2. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

  3. Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

  4. Mindfulness based CBT

Neuropsychological rehabilitation

The effects of a brain injury on memory, concentration and other cognitive skills can be improved through the use of compensatory strategies (e.g. adopting new ways of approaching and dealing with work or daily activities).  Neuropsychological rehabilitation aims to increase a person’s understanding of the effects of a brain injury and their ability to minimise any difficulties arising from this. 

Adjustment to disability

Disabilities arising from a brain injury require major adjustments to one’s lifestyle, expectations, outlook on life and self-image.  This adjustment process can be facilitated through discussion of recent experiences and what these indicate to the person about how their life is different and how they can move forward in a positive way. 

Psychological effects of accidents and trauma

Accidents, such as a traffic accident or injury at work, and related traumatic events, can result in loss of confidence, depression, PTSD or anxiety (with associated avoidance of certain situations or activities).  Psychological treatments, particularly CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), can help a person to overcome these effects of the experience.